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The Undiscovered Taste

A low sodium, sweet and spicy tomato sauce that works well with stuffed peppers, Italian sausage, rice, chicken, meatloaf, fish, and chili.
Replace ordinary tomato sauce with 7th Symphony to add a robust and unique flavor to recipes.

All Natural

A diet focused on natural, organic food is essential to maintaining a healthy body

Gluten Free

For many individuals, the advantages and benefits of a gluten free diet translate to better health

Low Sodium

Sodium has long been linked to high blood pressure which afflicts nearly one in three Americans

Let Us Complete Your Meal


R & R Specialty Food’s signature cooking sauce, 7th Symphony is unlike any other sauce currently available on the market.  Named for its unique combination of seven key spices, 7th Symphony is more exotic than regular tomato sauce and more versatile.  It is the perfect sauce to use with Italian sausage and peppers, stuffed peppers along with stuffed cabbage.  Check out our recipe section for our version of 7th Symphony chili and other family favorites.  The robust flavor of spices in this sauce will enhance seafood, spice up hors d’oeuvres such as mozzarella sticks, or add flavor to everyday meals.  So why settle for plain old tomato sauce?  Bring a little zest to the table with 7th Symphony. We are passionate about providing healthy options which is why 7th Symphony is an all-natural, low sodium and gluten free cooking sauce.  Not only are we excited about cooking at R & R Specialty Foods, but we’re also excited about sharing 7th Symphony with you and your families.  We strive to make our customers the most important part of our business by providing a quality product that is enjoyable.  Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, leave us a comment, give us feedback, get to know our team and don’t forget about our recipes.  We promise that if you give our sauce a try, you’re going to love it!


How do you describe 7th Symphony Sauce?

It’s almost impossible for us to explain the unique taste of 7th Symphony, so instead we set out with a video camera and a plate of free samples to see how other people would describe it.

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